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Update from the Lungs for Living Team

Update from the Lungs for Living Team

UCL Hospitals Charitable Foundation continues to provide invaluable support to enable research within the Lungs for Living Research team. The team, led by Professor Sam Janes, investigates early lung cancer and the processes that drive progression in order to develop novel therapies for the treatment of this disease. 

In 2018, the Lungs for Living Research team published their research in 9 scientific papers and presented their work at a number of national and international conferences. 

Professor Janes and his team have received several prestigious grants to support their work, including grants from Cancer Research UK, the Rosetrees Trust, Stand Up To Cancer and Johnson and Johnson. The Stand Up To Cancer funding forms part of a multicentre international collaboration in which samples of pre-invasive lung cancer will be molecularly profiled longitudinally in unprecedented detail and number using cutting-edge technology. This will hopefully lead to developments in our understanding of the processes that drive the progression of lung cancer and those that could be used to treat it. In addition, Dr Robert Hynds won a Sir Henry Dale Wellcome postdoctoral fellowship to explore elements of lung tumour heterogeneity and effects on immune surveillance and therapies.

UCL Hospitals Charitable Foundation is grateful to everyone who has donated over the past year and has made this research possible.