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Lungs for Living Laboratory Refurbishment

Lungs for Living Laboratory Refurbishment

Lungs for Living is a fund under UCL Hospitals Charitable Foundation, aiming to create, equip and staff a new world leading cutting edge research centre for lung cancer.  Lung cancer is the most lethal cancer in Britain killing 35,000 people a year. To bring it in line with survival rates of other cancers, it is imperative that research into lung cancer is significantly increased.  

UCLH and UCL are recognised Centres of Excellence in lung cancer research, with a reputation of being at the forefront of discovery and clinical excellence.  We have a rich history in pioneering treatments, running studies and national lung cancer trials. 

We are setting up the Lungs for Living Research Centre to bring a strong team of researchers together in well equipped, modern laboratories.  In doing so, we can maximise and speed up making significant advances in understanding the causes of lung cancer and finding new ways to treat it.

The laboratory refurbishment programme began at the Rayne Building on University Street, London W1 in April 2015.  The works are nearing completion and the Lungs for Living Research Centre is due to open at the end of October.  The new research centre will form part of a new facility comprising of laboratory benches with space for 64 researchers, 10 offices, a meeting room and a store room. 

The Research Centre will also include a cell culture laboratory (a sterile environment where cells can grow and be manipulated in “hoods”; clean enclosed spaces that prevent the cells from being infected),a microscopy lab (a dark and quiet environment which houses microscopes, situated away from footfall to preventthe microscopes from vibrating), and a specialist laboratory which will provide the appropriate environment for a histopathology unit, where tissue samples are blocked, cut and stained.

UCL Hospitals Charitable Foundation continues to raise funds for the Lungs for Living appeal, to assist with research into early lung cancer.  To find out how you can support Lungs for Living contact Shirley Featherstone on shirley.featherstone@uclh.nhs.uk.