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Update on Paediatric and Adolescent Complex Gynaecology (PAG) at UCLH

Update on Paediatric and Adolescent Complex Gynaecology (PAG) at UCLH

UCL Hospitals Charitable Foundation is proud to support the Paediatric and Adolescent Complex Gynaecology Clinic (PAG) at UCLH.

The PAG clinic supports patients who have a group of conditions called Differences of Sex Development (DSD). DSD describes a group of conditions which affect the genitals and reproductive organs. There may be a difference in a person’s chromosomes, external genitalia, internal reproductive system, and the way in which they respond to sex hormones, as well as the way in which they produce them, if they do at all.

These different factors mean that DSD can be difficult to diagnose at first as it isn’t necessarily clear at birth, and often DSD is only identified later, for example when a teenage girl does not start her periods.

The PAG clinic supports young people and adults with DSD, both physically and mentally. Patients have access to several members of the multidisciplinary team including a psychologist, gynaecologist, endocrinologist, urologist and a specialist nurse. There is also a highly specialist consultant radiographer. Working in partnership with patients, staff empower them to be involved in the decisions that affect them.

Every year a patient open day is held, providing patients with the opportunity to come together and talk about how their condition affects them and to access information. Patients find this incredibly valuable, not least because it offers them the opportunity to meet other people with the same or a similar condition. Patients appreciate being able to speak openly about how their condition affects their lives, something which many of them find difficult to do with other people.

Louise Williams, Clinical Nurse Specialist (pictured right), ran the Asics London 10k on Sunday 21st July, raising valuable funds to support the next patient open day.

We are very grateful for all ongoing support.