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Young Person's Outpatients Ward - T11

Young Person's Outpatients Ward - T11

The Young Person's Outpatients Ward, based on T11 in University College Hospital, cares for 'day case' patients.  These young patients can be suffering from long term illnesses just as the patients on T12 are, but they only need to attend the hospital for outpatient treatment.

Frenchesca James, Activity Co-ordinator for the YPU/T12 and the young patients on T11, explained that the unit would really benefit from having some DVD players, DVDs, games and general entertainment, to keep the day case patients occupied whilst they are receiving their treatment.  

Patients frequently have to stay put in a bed or chair for long periods of time whilst having treatment adminstered, which can be quite difficult for them.  Offering a distraction in the way of a DVD or game would really help to occupy the patients and improve their experience of being on the ward.

To find out more about the Young Person's Outpatients Ward please contact Shirley Featherstone on shirley.featherstone@uclh.nhs.uk. If you would like to make a donation to help us purchase DVDs and general entertainment items for young patients, please click here or call Shirley Featherstone on 0203 447 9558.  Thank you.