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Case Studies

Case Studies

The work that we carry out makes a real difference to people's lives, whether they are a patient, a donor or a fundraiser. At UCL Hospitals Charitable Foundation we celebrate the stories of those whose lives are touched by our work, read on to see how people's involvement with our work has made a difference to them.

If you have supported us in the past or are planning to in the future, and would like to share your story with us, please contact shirley.featherstone@uclh.nhs.uk

The Lungs for Living team continues to lead ground-breaking research into early lung cancer and the Summit Study, which aims to detect lung cancer early and to develop a new blood test for the early detection of multiple cancer types, is well underway.

The Summit Study has revealed that early CT scans catch 70% of lung cancers at an early stage.

Following the incredibly generous support of The Woosnam Foundation and The Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation, we caught up with Dr. David Turner, Stroke and Geriatric Consultant at UCLH, to learn a little about his job and to hear what a difference a regular donation can make to the Stroke Unit.

We are proud to support the Summit Study which is being delivered by UCLH in close collaboration with UCL and GRAIL, Inc.

UCL Hospitals Charitable Foundation is honoured to be working closely with Professor Sam Janes and the Lungs for Living team, fundraising in support of the exciting and pioneering Summit Study. The Summit Study is being delivered by UCLH in close collaboration with UCL and GRAIL, Inc. (a US healthcare company focused on the early detection of cancer).

BBC Children in need are making a difference to the lives of young patients.

UCL Hospitals Charitable Foundation has been awarded a grant from BBC Children in Need to fund an Activity Co-ordinator position on the Young Person's Unit for three years.

At the end of last year Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity (RDMCC) made a grant to UCL Hospitals Charitable Foundation to fund a Play Specialist to work in the Paediatric Outpatients Team at University College Hospital for two years.

Huge thanks to our runners who took part in the Royal Parks Half on Sunday 8th October.

We are thrilled to announce that Liz Coombs started her role as the Roald Dahl Play Specialist on Monday 24th April 2017.

The Lungs for Living Research Centre opened in October 2015 after a six month period of refurbishment.

We would like to pay tribute to Dina Lazarus who sadly passed away in June 2013. Dina was a truly inspirational person who left a lasting legacy for future patients through her fundraising whilst she was being treated for bowel cancer at UCH.

Barry Duckett is a patient at UCH where he is being treated for Bladder Cancer, Carcinoma in situ grade 3.

'A Survivor Chick' - Sukie Gallagher shares her story of being diagnosed with cervical cancer and how she chose to use her experience to help others.

'I had Malignant Melanoma' - Hannah Persaud talks of her experience and life after surviving cancer.